Conservatori de València

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Conservatori de València
  • Nombres alternativos:
    Conservatori Superior de Música "Joaquín Rodrigo" de València

    Año de constitución: 1879
    Año de disolución: Vigente
    It was founded in 1879 by the Reial Societat Econòmica d'Amics del País de València with the support of the City Council and the Provincial Council. The first year, it welcomed one hundred and seventy-two students and five teachers. In 1894, Salvador Giner i Vidal became its director. Illustrious alumni include José Serrano and Matilde Salvador, who became also teacher of the conservatory. In 1910 a major reform took place, incorporating wind instruments and disciplines within the humanities, at which time Eduard López-Chávarri as appointed professor of music aesthetics. In 1942, it was declared a professional conservatory and in 1968, an institution for higher education. For more than a century, the institution has led the music education of the Valencian Country and it has been the educational home of a large number of musicians. In 2010 it was named after Joaquín Rodrigo, former professor of the conservatory.
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